Saturday, February 25, 2012

Walking on water!

Well we have been here a few different times in life.  Kenny's job as a fisherman has always been interesting. He is gone a lot and things are always subject to change.  We live by this motto that "ONE THING IS FOR SURE, NOTHING IS FOR SURE!"   Our lives change in a quick blink.  About a year ago he went to work for Pacific Seafood.  I was so sad.  We used to own our boat and we sold to try something new.  It was only 3 months home and Kenny was asked to go back.  Everything he does he puts his whole heart into.  He work as if he is working for God.  Well they just sold his boat and are looking for a new one.  They have told him for weeks not to worry.  They don't want him to go looking for a new job.  So here we are, he has been home a week now, no news in sight.  Someone just asked us how we do when he is home and if we have troubles.  NOPE!  We say the BEST thing in this life is each other!  The world could all fall apart around us and you know what WE HAVE EACH OTHER!  I know God is in control.  I don't know his timing.  I have no idea what the future holds.  All I do know is God has told us to get out of the boat, keep our eyes on him, and we will be just fine.  We have always known that God is our provider.  His knows our needs.  He knows everything that we need.

Everything in our world seems to be about money.  You know money has spiritual things attached to it.  When God can trust us with HIS money he knows he can trust you with other things in life.  Growth starts to happen when you walk in this truth.

We are in the process of listing our house for sale.  We have lived in Knappa for 17 years!  I never thought we would ever live anywhere else.  Well with the price of gas going up so much we have decided that we want to live closer to where the boat is!  If I could ask for prayers it would be that God would send the perfect buyer for our house!! In his perfect time we will move.


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