Wednesday, June 13, 2012

YEA!!! Well after hours of trying to get on....I am on my husbands computer....and here I computer is getting old..

So where have I been?? Always up to something, always learning, I love my life, because God is in it!  The last couple months have been interesting to say the least.   In my post earlier I added a new thing..WORK... Well work was something that I needed to put down...I did..I am not the provider of this home...My husband and My Lord are...great things were learned in my time there.....but now I am home...taking care of my girls...raising my teenage boy and loving my husband because he is the most amazing man I know! 

So we will just skip to what has been on my heart today.  I have been working my way threw the bible and learning about context and the culture of the day.  Today I was in 2 Corinthians.  Going threw and understanding why Paul wrote the book I have questions like what would he write today?  So many of the problems in the city of Corinth are found in our cities today.  Would he write anything different to us today?  People were just coming to there new relationships in the Lord and with one another.  People were full of Pride, Independence, Conflict, and Competition.  Not much has changed.  As I am learning today about the issues of the past and looking to the future I cant help but listen to what the spirit says to me.  I think that we can all feel the fear and evil everywhere we go. As a strong spiritual person I am growing in the knowledge of who God is for me in my life.  If we are going to be a people who are going to see any kind of change we have to do things we have never done and be willing to go places God sends us to go.  About a month ago I had a great conversation with my daughter and we were talking about the future and what in the world is it going to look like for her kids.  It is a scary thought until God gave us HIS picture!  We are seeing things in schools that were never thought of before.  You can feel the fear about the future.  What we need to remember is how much God loves us and he will never fail us.  To be honest the revelation that I have had is so great.  My daughter said the future is just going to be more black and white.  You are either going to be for God or against him.  Everywhere you go people are suffering and in pain.  Truth be told God is setting people up for the future.  The battles that we are facing today are all about our future.  If you say that you belong to God and your life does not reflect 100% he is calling you to come up higher!  This morning I got this picture in my head about this massive grey area that we are all living... The grey area in going to be making a split.  The grey is going to be either getting lighter and turning white, the symbol for purity or it is getting darker and turning black, the symbol of death. 
In this massive grey area we have been to long. Truth is the battles we are faceing are nothing compared to the battles to come. The decision to choose God today is easier than what it is going to be.  As the evil rises so will the spirit of the Lord.  The strongholds that people are facing today are nothing as to what is to come.  Satan knows his time is short and he is coming like a flood. BUT we serve a mighty God and he will never let Satan win at anything.  If you feel evil everywhere you go it is because it is!  WE need to wake up to the battle and call for revival!  If your feeling a massive struggle in your life it is because there really is a battle for your future.  Your fighting for the destiny of you family.  Your fighting for your generations to come.  We were called to walk like Jesus, we are not. We are called to take a stand for God, we are not.  We are called to be the salt of the earth, we are not.  When we go into the world and it is dark we don't let our light shine, we let the dark snuff out our light.  Things have to change and we need to be life changers!  We are the beginning!  It needs to start with us.  We need to LOVE!  We need to be humble, We need to come together,  and we need compassion.
Satan can not do anything except really show us the areas we need to grow in God.  We live in the most exciting times!  We are the warriors that will divide the red sea for others! Stand tall on your faith...Tell Satan to get under your feet and lets change the world!

I love you most!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


What are your core beliefs?  What do you know about God?  What has he become for you? What do you need him to be? Do you need a daddy? Do you need provision? Do you need protection? Do you need someone who will listen? Do you need to rest? What do you need today?

This last couple of weeks has been crazy busy! I have wanted to sit down several times and just not had time.  Working now after being home for 9 years is a big change.  Now I am mom, cook, cleaning lady, wife, student, and caregiver.  Last week I was telling God wow, this is a lot and I am not sure that I can keep it up.  Every day I look to God and ask him what he is trying to show me even with the most simple of things.

For the last two years I keep telling God that I know I am being called to minister to women.  It hit me in a big way last week when HE told me this is preparation for where we are going.  Prep for the ministry.  Everyday there is so much to be done, so many with different needs all pulling at me.  He says, how are you handling it?  Well it was very stressful at first.  Now I am getting a better handle on it.  You know as a mom you are a person whom wants to meet every need that comes along with your kids.  God is changing me to give more to him!  I cant do everything! I can learn to not allow frustration, weary, and being tired to overcome me.  What I can do is rest in who God is for me and know that HE does work ALL things together for Good.

Had a great time with God this weekend and he talked to me about CORE BELIEFS.  There is one other time several years ago when God told me to sit down and write everything that HE had become for me. It was an amazingly long list.  That list is all that I knew God was! I MEAN REALLY KNOW GOD WAS AND IS.  Every experience lead me to a greater understanding of what an AMAZING GOD WE HAVE.

When we go threw things that are hard we need to KNOW THAT YOU KNOW.  Knowing something and having that experience of who God is, is what will get you threw.  When the enemy comes to you with the negative and the lies you get to speak the truth right back at him!   We don't always get to have the answers we want.  Sometimes things are unexplainable.  In the hard things does that change who we think God is or do we stand on what we know to be true "OUR CORE BELIEFS"  To keep you peace and rest is to hang on to the truth no matter what is going on around us!

I love you most!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Read this this morning and I love it!  It was the ministry of Graham Cooke and Bethel Church that feed my spirit!  I love everything they have to say!  I really like you can watch all there teaching!

  1. I will not embrace an end-time worldview that re-empowers a disempowered devil.
  2. I will not accept an eschatology that takes away my children’s future, and creates mindsets that undermine the mentality of leaving a legacy.
  3. I will not tolerate any theology that sabotages the clear command of Jesus to make disciples of all nations and the Lord’s Prayer that earth would be like heaven.
  4. I will not allow any interpretation of the scriptures that destroys hope for the nations and undermines our command to restore ruined cities.
  5. I will not embrace an eschatology that changes the nature of a good God.
  6. I refuse to embrace any mindset that celebrates bad news as a sign of the times and a necessary requirement for the return of Jesus.
  7. I am opposed to any doctrinal position that pushes the promises of God into a time zone that can’t be obtained in my generation and therefore takes away any responsibility I have to believe God for them in my lifetime.
  8. I don’t believe that the last days are a time of judgment, nor do I believe God gave the church the right to call for wrath for sinful cities. There is a day of judgment in which GOD will judge man, not us.  Kris Vallotton

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Woke this morning and really thinking about some things.

Jesus ministry was so much more than forgiveness for our sin so we can go to heaven.  There is a fullness of the cross that most never see.  I remember thinking in a very dark time of my life that I know if I was to die that I would go to heaven, but the life that I was walking was not a fullness.  I never had peace, I seldom had something to laugh about, who could feel free when you have a constant weight on your chest.  Those were my days and nights.  I had this longing in my heart to have more.

Being free today, I am always thinking about freedom for others.  I am consumed with Jesus and all that he did.   In his 3 year ministry he 1- proclaimed the gospel of the KINGDOM 2- healed the sick and cast out demons he did so much more but for now today I am thinking about these 2 things.

I am looking back on all the time I spent in church and thinking there is so much effort put out in saving the lost, getting us all together, and lifting the name of Jesus.  What happens if your a Christian like ME. (USED TO BE) Your saved but you feel bound and chained.  OPPRESSED, DEPRESSED,FULL OF WORRY AND FEAR.  We really get all this teaching on things in the natural but we never really hear of the spirit world.  It is real! Those of us that have been there know the darkness is something that just swallows you up.  It is like nothing that can even have a description.  There is a song by Skillet, called Monster!  It feels like there is a secret side of yourself that you feel like no one should ever see!  You keep it caged but there is no control.   You want people to stay away from you because it makes you feel ugly.  It feels like it is constantly after you, it is in your head.  You just want to be put out of your misery! The song says "I must confess that I feel like a monster!"  "I hate what I have become!'  There is a secret side that you keep under lock and key!  The song goes on and on with darkness!  I remember the first time I heard it I remember thinking "really someone could write a song like this! they are describing ME!" I had Kenny listen to it and it was sad that he could see that the song FIT!  yuck! How could he even love me?   But then wait, WHY? WHY would a christian band write something like this.  Does this mean that they have never found freedom?  SO many questions ran threw my head.  I really started to listen to the words of songs and thinking so much pain, does anyone sing of freedom and peace.  In my heart peace was all I wanted and I was willing to do anything to get it.  WOULD SOMEONE POINT ME THE WAY!

Finally God put some amazing people in my path and they pointed the direction and I walked!  These amazing people never told me what to do.  They allowed the Holy Spirit to give me revelation on my own.  With a lot of hard work and determination I am here today FREE AND I HAVE PEACE.  Praise God.

Back to Jesus, There was purpose in my past! PASSION for my future!!
Jesus died so that Yes we would go to heaven and that is AMAZING all in itself BUT there is more.
The fullness of the cross.  He died for so much more!  He died to save, deliver, protect, heal, preserve, MAKE WHOLE,

This journey has left me with a passion to go the extra step.  Once your saved no matter what age you are, you have history, you have a past.  For some of us that mean WOUNDS.
The word WOUNDED in the Bible comes from the term PIERCED, as if stabbed. It is not a physical stabbing- but a soul that is left crying out.  Theses are deep lacerations of the heart.  INVISIBLE~ NOT DETECTABLE!
Someone needs to sit down and take some time to help find these WOUNDS.
We live in a space and time where everything is always telling you to let the past be the past.   Some of us have had emotional trauma~ Some things resulted in our own sinfulness and some things that we had no part in causing.  Most advice leads you to a place where your only lead to stuff the pain.  Trying to keep a lid on it, but no matter what you do it keeps bubbling up and boiling over. Leaving you feeling like a MONSTER!


Being on the other side it has become my prayer and passion to be that bridge. My eyes are open, I see the enemy and his destruction!  My journey was HARD!  I fell down, and I ALWAYS GOT BACK UP!  YOU HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT!

The journey is all about your identity!  Your identity will be found in HIM!
The journey starts with experience of WHO God is for you?  You need to have experience of WHO God is for you to build on.  The first thing God taught me was that I COULD TRUST HIM! can you?

CAN YOU TRUST HIM??? If not allow the experience to come that will show you that you can!!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Walking on water!

Well we have been here a few different times in life.  Kenny's job as a fisherman has always been interesting. He is gone a lot and things are always subject to change.  We live by this motto that "ONE THING IS FOR SURE, NOTHING IS FOR SURE!"   Our lives change in a quick blink.  About a year ago he went to work for Pacific Seafood.  I was so sad.  We used to own our boat and we sold to try something new.  It was only 3 months home and Kenny was asked to go back.  Everything he does he puts his whole heart into.  He work as if he is working for God.  Well they just sold his boat and are looking for a new one.  They have told him for weeks not to worry.  They don't want him to go looking for a new job.  So here we are, he has been home a week now, no news in sight.  Someone just asked us how we do when he is home and if we have troubles.  NOPE!  We say the BEST thing in this life is each other!  The world could all fall apart around us and you know what WE HAVE EACH OTHER!  I know God is in control.  I don't know his timing.  I have no idea what the future holds.  All I do know is God has told us to get out of the boat, keep our eyes on him, and we will be just fine.  We have always known that God is our provider.  His knows our needs.  He knows everything that we need.

Everything in our world seems to be about money.  You know money has spiritual things attached to it.  When God can trust us with HIS money he knows he can trust you with other things in life.  Growth starts to happen when you walk in this truth.

We are in the process of listing our house for sale.  We have lived in Knappa for 17 years!  I never thought we would ever live anywhere else.  Well with the price of gas going up so much we have decided that we want to live closer to where the boat is!  If I could ask for prayers it would be that God would send the perfect buyer for our house!! In his perfect time we will move.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I love it when I come across something that was really good and I wrote it down!!
Here it is!

David lost the battle with his eyes, which opened the door for him to lose the battle over his heart, all because he was not in the battle he was born for.
When you turn away from the battle your assigned to, you face a battle your not equipped for...2Sam 1:1
Bill Johnson

I love this.. I know who I am and I know my purpose.... Just think of this... what do we have going on around us that is not our battle to fight.  I know David was lost over a beautiful woman but we can look beyond that in our lives.  What do you have your eye on?  Is it GOOD for you?? Is it distracting you from the things of God?  Is is getting you off coarse?

God is so good to come to me and say.....That battle is not for you to fight.. Step away from the problem....Get back on track with your purpose!!!

There is so much freedom it letting go of some things and giving it to HIM..

So many things come our way to try to distract us...
Do you have a distraction?? Are you fighting something your not supposed to??
You will only find peace when you give what belongs to him TO HIM!

Love you MOST

Saturday, February 18, 2012

There are keys to freedom!
The keys are the way to free yourself from the bondage of pain.
 It seems life in the spirit is a paradox~a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.  You see we have to DIE to LIVE...  Often we have to do the very oppisite of what you think is right to free yourself.  We often cant grasp that forgiveness is letting go of the emotion too.  We can always give God "the offence" but what about the emotion....we forget about that...  You see if we forget about the emotion it becomes a relentless taskmaster that guards the dungeon of the offense.

I know first hand that forgiveness is a CHOICE, it is not an option for anyone who wants a joy filled life.  We have to remember that forgiveness is an act of the will, not of the emotion.  I think that the enemy is all to happy that God created us to have these great emotions.  We forget about them when we need to repent and we allow them to rule where they have no business.

I learned along time ago that I like to tell God "I DONT WANT TO!" WEll you know what "I DONT WANT TO GETS ME NO WHERE!"   Finding the heart of God should always be the only motivation we need and he is so forgiving, so faithful, so compassionate. 

We can not measure that depth of our forgiveness by our feeling.  God says it so we DO IT.

Sometimes forgiveness is like a seed planted in the good soil of our hearts.  As you water it and make the choice to release the person or persons whom you need to, the pain will begin to dissipate.  Although the process can take time it will happen.

Right now my life reflects the choice to forgive.  Now that I know the road to forgiveness I am sure that I will need to make many trips down that road in this life.

Love you most! Lynette