Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mostly HUMBLE!

I love waking to the voice of God saying something nice to me!!
You may be asking "How do you know you hear the Lords voice?" Well Galatians 5:22 are a good start to the voice indicators and how he speaks~ his voice is loving, peaceful, and so kind.

So I woke this morning and He said "What if you know your valuable and your feeling a little strange about this value because your mostly HUMBLE!" HMMM

Tossing this around in my head while drinking coffee.....

You know there is a difference between our state and our standing...(Graham Cooke)

State~ Is how I see myself outside of Christ, my state is easily overwhelmed by my emotions and NEGATIVITY! without value! (I need to let you know that I really battle a Negativity! It is a voice that I always hear! It is taking practice to catch it and stop it!)

Standing~ how I see myself IN Christ in my truest identity! ~Strong, at the forefront of things, WITH VALUE
In my standing my emotions are empowered as I understand how God thinks of me. In Christ I am standing with the fathers perception of me. I love that all of heaven is attracted to the Christ in me and they are waiting for me to have the discovery of WHO I AM. If in this life we are to be changed then we need to understand where God is moving and NOT get stuck. Standing in Christ with heaven attracted to us, the kingdom wrapped around us, and all the permissions of God are Yes and Amen. So if I keep all my thinking inside the boundaries of his Love, grace and mercy then I am empowered by his goodness.

SO, back to the first thought that I woke up to! What if I know that I have value and what I really feel is a humbleness! YES! YES! YES!
How do I know that I have value??? I have value because I LOVE God above all else. I have value because I have stood up where most wont! I did not give up when most would! I know I have value because when it would be easy to just stay in this place of beauty and peace I am willing to go out and do more battle to set the prisoners and captives free! I know that I am like Joshua and Caleb we can take possession of it! The promise land waits!! If I could fight the battle for people I would!

Humble. I would be nothing if it were not for the amazing people in my life! Kenny my husband words can not ever describe how thankful I am for him. There are great people in my life that have stood beside me. God has moved us to a place LOVE is the motivation behind every word spoken over us. This word "Value" came from a man of God! You see God is in the business of using people still today. God wanted to add something to me.
Yes I have Value but mostly I am HUMBLE because God gets all the Glory! God did it all! I just allowed him to work through me. My life is not my own. I live completely surrendered to HIS will.

Will you surrender to HIS will and allow him to grow you???

I love you MOST~ Lynette

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  1. Every post gives me goosebumps. Your words pierce through me. I love your blog!