Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Thinking a lot about a teaching at GU today.
One of the Quotes I wrote down was
"The calling comes with a process before the promotion!"

I think about were my life is the last 12 years and am amazed at the process that I had to go threw to get where I am today. A week ago I gave my testimony at church. I was a very broken person. In that testimony I say something about the woman whom touched the hem of Jesus garment. The story is found in Matthew 9:20-22. That time I heard that message and asked Jesus just how much of his garment did I need to touch I really thought that I was touching it! It bothered me for a long time. This last weekend God was so amazing to answer my cry.
Can you imagine the crowd surrounding Jesus in that day? He had a mob follow him everywhere I am sure. Can you imagine just wanting to hear something, anything that he would say... Just to find yourself not just a foot or two away but several feet maybe twenty- maybe more.
This weekend we were with 3500 people and it was not easy getting in and out of the building! We all wanted good seats and went early, only to have the doors open and people pushing you to get in front of you!
You see God was able to let me see that even though I heard the message and knew Jesus garment would heal me, I was not close enough. At the time that I heard the message I was begging God to do something! Still being left feeling lost, confused and hopeless I never gave up.
You see the process of getting through the crowd was years for me! I knew Jesus would heal me! If everything I read in the Bible was true then I could not give up! I was not going to stop until he made me well!
It was a huge revelation to have for me!

I now know my calling, but it came after the process!

Don't ever give up! We are all in process! God is wanting to take you some place beautiful!

Think about this one! Being in a crowd sometimes we get squeezed!! HMMM

I love you MOST!! ~Lynette

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