Tuesday, March 20, 2012


What are your core beliefs?  What do you know about God?  What has he become for you? What do you need him to be? Do you need a daddy? Do you need provision? Do you need protection? Do you need someone who will listen? Do you need to rest? What do you need today?

This last couple of weeks has been crazy busy! I have wanted to sit down several times and just not had time.  Working now after being home for 9 years is a big change.  Now I am mom, cook, cleaning lady, wife, student, and caregiver.  Last week I was telling God wow, this is a lot and I am not sure that I can keep it up.  Every day I look to God and ask him what he is trying to show me even with the most simple of things.

For the last two years I keep telling God that I know I am being called to minister to women.  It hit me in a big way last week when HE told me this is preparation for where we are going.  Prep for the ministry.  Everyday there is so much to be done, so many with different needs all pulling at me.  He says, how are you handling it?  Well it was very stressful at first.  Now I am getting a better handle on it.  You know as a mom you are a person whom wants to meet every need that comes along with your kids.  God is changing me to give more to him!  I cant do everything! I can learn to not allow frustration, weary, and being tired to overcome me.  What I can do is rest in who God is for me and know that HE does work ALL things together for Good.

Had a great time with God this weekend and he talked to me about CORE BELIEFS.  There is one other time several years ago when God told me to sit down and write everything that HE had become for me. It was an amazingly long list.  That list is all that I knew God was! I MEAN REALLY KNOW GOD WAS AND IS.  Every experience lead me to a greater understanding of what an AMAZING GOD WE HAVE.

When we go threw things that are hard we need to KNOW THAT YOU KNOW.  Knowing something and having that experience of who God is, is what will get you threw.  When the enemy comes to you with the negative and the lies you get to speak the truth right back at him!   We don't always get to have the answers we want.  Sometimes things are unexplainable.  In the hard things does that change who we think God is or do we stand on what we know to be true "OUR CORE BELIEFS"  To keep you peace and rest is to hang on to the truth no matter what is going on around us!

I love you most!

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