Wednesday, June 13, 2012

YEA!!! Well after hours of trying to get on....I am on my husbands computer....and here I computer is getting old..

So where have I been?? Always up to something, always learning, I love my life, because God is in it!  The last couple months have been interesting to say the least.   In my post earlier I added a new thing..WORK... Well work was something that I needed to put down...I did..I am not the provider of this home...My husband and My Lord are...great things were learned in my time there.....but now I am home...taking care of my girls...raising my teenage boy and loving my husband because he is the most amazing man I know! 

So we will just skip to what has been on my heart today.  I have been working my way threw the bible and learning about context and the culture of the day.  Today I was in 2 Corinthians.  Going threw and understanding why Paul wrote the book I have questions like what would he write today?  So many of the problems in the city of Corinth are found in our cities today.  Would he write anything different to us today?  People were just coming to there new relationships in the Lord and with one another.  People were full of Pride, Independence, Conflict, and Competition.  Not much has changed.  As I am learning today about the issues of the past and looking to the future I cant help but listen to what the spirit says to me.  I think that we can all feel the fear and evil everywhere we go. As a strong spiritual person I am growing in the knowledge of who God is for me in my life.  If we are going to be a people who are going to see any kind of change we have to do things we have never done and be willing to go places God sends us to go.  About a month ago I had a great conversation with my daughter and we were talking about the future and what in the world is it going to look like for her kids.  It is a scary thought until God gave us HIS picture!  We are seeing things in schools that were never thought of before.  You can feel the fear about the future.  What we need to remember is how much God loves us and he will never fail us.  To be honest the revelation that I have had is so great.  My daughter said the future is just going to be more black and white.  You are either going to be for God or against him.  Everywhere you go people are suffering and in pain.  Truth be told God is setting people up for the future.  The battles that we are facing today are all about our future.  If you say that you belong to God and your life does not reflect 100% he is calling you to come up higher!  This morning I got this picture in my head about this massive grey area that we are all living... The grey area in going to be making a split.  The grey is going to be either getting lighter and turning white, the symbol for purity or it is getting darker and turning black, the symbol of death. 
In this massive grey area we have been to long. Truth is the battles we are faceing are nothing compared to the battles to come. The decision to choose God today is easier than what it is going to be.  As the evil rises so will the spirit of the Lord.  The strongholds that people are facing today are nothing as to what is to come.  Satan knows his time is short and he is coming like a flood. BUT we serve a mighty God and he will never let Satan win at anything.  If you feel evil everywhere you go it is because it is!  WE need to wake up to the battle and call for revival!  If your feeling a massive struggle in your life it is because there really is a battle for your future.  Your fighting for the destiny of you family.  Your fighting for your generations to come.  We were called to walk like Jesus, we are not. We are called to take a stand for God, we are not.  We are called to be the salt of the earth, we are not.  When we go into the world and it is dark we don't let our light shine, we let the dark snuff out our light.  Things have to change and we need to be life changers!  We are the beginning!  It needs to start with us.  We need to LOVE!  We need to be humble, We need to come together,  and we need compassion.
Satan can not do anything except really show us the areas we need to grow in God.  We live in the most exciting times!  We are the warriors that will divide the red sea for others! Stand tall on your faith...Tell Satan to get under your feet and lets change the world!

I love you most!

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